The Lay School offers laity flexible opportunities to meet their varied needs.

It’s a year of Jubilee for Lay School of Ministry! All course fees have been waved for the year. We continue to request students to complete the registration form for virtual links to the classes. Thank you! Registration forms are here.

“I came… looking for answer and to deepen my understanding and faith. Instead I find myself with a class of students just as ‘confused’ as me, eager to learn and discuss their thoughts and feelings. What a wonderful experience!”

Certificate Student

Two-Year Certificate Program

Class are held on both Friday evening and Saturday, one weekend a month for those desiring to complete the program in two year’s time.
Cost: $550.00 per year to include tuition and book fees.
Tuition deposit: $150.00 (due with registration)

Only Friday Evening or Only Saturday Program

Laity may not be able to commit to both Friday and Saturday’s classes due to work or other obligations, yet they desire to complete the Lay School certificate program. Attending an evening or day, one weekend a month, may be perfect for them.
Cost: $300.00 per year includes tuition and book fees.
Tuition Deposit: $75.00 (due with registration)

One Class at a Time

For laity who are only interested in some of the classes we provide, 3 tracks: Bible, History and Faith and Spirituality are available. These classes would apply to the certificate program, if the student desired to continue their learning experience.
Cost: $155.00 per year includes tuition and book fees.
Tuition Deposit: $50.00 (due with registration)

Continuing Education

Continuing education classes will be offered on Friday night and on Saturday morning. Everyone is welcome! Completion of Two Year Program is not a pre-requisite for these courses. (Any books needed are the responsibility of the student to purchase and obtain in a timely manor.)
Cost: $100.00 per class
Special all four classes: $300.00
Tuition Deposit: $50.00 (due with registration)

I am a graduate of Lay School. I graduated about 14 years ago. There is a lot of knowledge a person can get by attending. You don’t have to become a lay minister, because you attended these classes. I think some people get that idea. It opened a whole new life style for me. Even while I was still working, people looked at me different and I had to in a way change my self. Pastor Paulette Creswell usually called on me to do Sunday and Thursday services if she would be gone. This helped me
as a person. I am glad the Holy Spirit guided me to attend Lay School.

Eugene Viegut
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